Sandwood Bay

Looked after by the John Muir Trust on behalf of the ghosts

4 Responses to “Sandwood Bay”

  1. Gorgeous! I love wild beaches like that.

  2. gingerfield Says:

    often described as remote daphne but actually only four miles from the road; the nearest non disabled/non parent parking space in Morrisons car park is further to walk from the entrance than that

  3. Gingerfield…thanks for popping over to mine. Yes, my laptop winds me up as well. Often packs up, won’t work, the cursor ends up all over the place and just generally suffers from seasonal sad disorder (every season). Love the photos and a big thank you for listing my blog as well. 🙂

    • gingerfield Says:

      the reason this blog is white type on a black background hadriana is because it reminds me of a blackboard, which was a proper way to write things down, something you could rely on, and the sooner this fad for websites passes and we get back to those days the better. I mean, what effect do you even get from running your fingernails down a bleedin’ computer screen?

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